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View From Outside

Hello again, internet. Looks like I’ve made it back for a second post. So… I discovered that there’s a word for people like me. There’s words for every tiny offset of another word. There’s too many god damn words! ANYWAYS. I digress… By “people like me” I mean to say people who eat fish, but no other meat (yes, I’m one of those people). They call it being a pescetarian. Well, I don’t mean to sound like this is a brand new, exciting, or even shocking creation. Actually the term was coined in 1993, so… I’m a little late on the discovery.



So with such a calm afternoon with the sun shining through the clouds, I decided to avoid the frying pan and get on the grill. Oh! Let me make a point to introduce you to the “frying pan”! I’ve been using this one frying pan; it’s this black, teflon, almost perfect frying pan. Now, this pan has kept me fed all winter. We kind of have a good thing going right now… Or… Had a good thing going. Today marks the end of one relationship and the beginning of a new. My grill. Oh my God, let me tell you about my grill. It’s those most fantastic fucking thing (pardon my Italian) I’ve ever laid my spatula upon. So today! I thought loudly to myself, I will craft the most delicious salmon burger that could ever be crafted. Spoiler alert: Success.

Southern Chili Salmon Burger

With a generous TSA-style pat down of Paula Deen’s “Southern Chili Spice” and some olive oil, this burger was ready for some heat. Now, remember how I talked about appreciating the little things in yesterday’s post? Oh yeah, talk about all the nostalgic moments a grill can give you. Think about it. You press the igniter, hear the woosh of the burners, and just the smell of things burning on an open grill… Mmm. Mmm… Come on, you know what I’m talking about.

And how could I forget about the giant gift basket I received as an Easter gift. Though, instead of candy… It’s filled with Freshwater Farms dried fruits and granola, three Bridgewater candles, a bag of the spiciest habanero chips I’ve ever cried over, and a bottle of LollipopTree brand Apple Cinnamon Syrup (which I have yet to have with waffles, but you will all most certainly know when I do).

Paula Dean Spice Awesome Gift Basket I Got!

Though today’s “outdoor moment” was brief, there is of course a good reason… I’m a student. I got to write a paper. BUT ALAS! I SHALLTH BE ADVENTURING SOONTH!

Until next time, internet… Stay peaceful, stay happy, and more importantly… Stay outside!


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