“Appreciating The Little Things” – Sunrises.

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Behind The Wheel

Today marks the day of a very momentous occasion, internet. What is it? You ask. What is this blessed “day of days”? You ask. HOLD ON, LET ME EXPLAIN! TODAY… I have decided document all the times I sit and appreciate the little things around me. For those moments when you’re out and about, and you smell food from the restaurant around the corner, and the air is just right – and all you want to do is stop everything and savor it. Yeah, those moments. I’m a big fan of those moments.

Before we start, though. Does anybody else think the way my dog (Hank) looks at me is extremely creepy?

The Hank Stare

Moving on… Let’s start with today’s observation. It was 6:20am when my first alarm went off. Snooze. 6:30am. “Fuck it, fine!” I scream in my head, reluctantly tossing the sheets aside. I hustled upstairs and brewed a cup of coffee using the new Bodum French Press I got. HOLY HELL. If you’ve never made coffee using a french press, I definitely recommend giving it a try. You can get a good one for around $15-30.

ANYWAYS. So, I make the coffee, I grab a bagel… Just doing the whole “morning routine” thing, you know? Not expecting anything more or less out of my morning… DOT. DOT. DOT. I grab my bags and supplies, and I’m heading out the door when I suddenly think, “Maybe it would be good to bring my camera along for the drive.” I quickly packed up the camera and raced to the car, hauled out of the driveway, and took off for my class. As soon as I got a mile from my house, I noticed all the shadows that were hugging the buildings. Just the balance of vivid color and darkness got me snapping away out the window (yes, for a couple seconds I was taking pictures and driving at the same time. NO. I don’t recommend it).

I couldn’t help but appreciate it. Something so natural as shadows and sunlight can create such a great mood. I was able to pick out my favorite two pictures from what I got out the window (photo one, photo two) Gotta love the little things!

Stay classy, internet!


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