“Appreciating The Little Things” – Backyard.

March 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

7:30am and I’m already up and ready to go. Something’s happening to me, internet. Something bad… I’m becoming, dare I say… Proactive? Son of a bitch. That must be it. I must’ve passed out no earlier than midnight, and woke up this morning ready to knock out my analysis essay. I brewed up two cups of coffee and slammed ’em back faster than you can say ANXIETY ATTACK. (stops and reads that last sentence) Hey… That rhymed! I’m a poet and I didn’t even… (cough) Hm? Nevermind

So, I bang out this paper, see… Not an extravagant topic, but a solid paper nonetheless. By now, I’m looking out my window and it’s looking like a promising day. I’m flipping coins on where I should go, but nothing sounds interesting. Then I remembered, Hey! They cleared out a huge path in my backyard to lay down a gas line. I should go scope it out. Yeah, it sounds pretty ridiculous… Mainly, because it is. I guess the town really wanted a gas line smack dab in our backyard. To do that, they demolished probably about a 20-foot wide, mile long path through our backyard. Now, Hank (my dog) usually heads back there when I let him outside and I unleash the little guy and let him go explore. So, naturally he became my tour guide for the trip deep into my own backyard (view photo here)


Immediately upon getting in the center of the path, I could see how far it extended. Actually, it gave me an eerie chill down my spine. It looked so desolate. Trees were destroyed, stripped of their bark, and strewn across the ground. It seemed almost like the aftermath of a wildfire: everything was void of emotion. Just quiet. Tranquil.

I stumbled across this rock, jutting out from the marsh (yes, my backyard is a swamp). I got a couple good shots while I was exploring not even 100 feet from my back porch. It’s pretty amazing the things you will find not far from home. If you have any cool shots from around your area, your backyard, or just the everyday things you come across – send me and e-mail and I’d gladly feature it in a post!

Until next time, internet. Stay outside!


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§ 2 Responses to “Appreciating The Little Things” – Backyard.

  • Omar Modesto says:

    All of that is your backyard?

    • Andee says:

      Yessir! It all used to be farmland back in the day (or so I hear). It was long before my time, obviously. As much as I don’t like the REASON they cleared out a huge path through my backyard… I still dig having a walkway that goes deep into my backyard.

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