The Experimental Rock Show.

April 17, 2011 § 5 Comments

I must apologize for my lack of an appearance as of late. The semester is coming to a close, so my professors feel that it’s necessary to assign ridiculous paper topics and give us a couple days to crank out 20 pages. Nonsense, I say!

I was able to find a break though, in all the typing of papers and doings of math, to get myself to a local show. I figured I could use the time away from the computer and scattered notebooks, you know? So, I hit up the Gallery 119 (Lowell, MA) to go see some experimental rock bands. I had only heard one of the bands prior to Friday night, and I really had no idea what to expect. I’ve always been one for strange sounds, but only recently have I really started to appreciate the concepts of ambient noise. Allow me to say that this show was REFRESHING.

The line-up consisted of Action Park, Babydriver, The Big Big Bucks, Birdorgan, Colleen Green, and Home Body (no website). I could spend this paragraph doing a review of the show BAND by BAND, but that would just be too mundane. So, I will just say… Every single one of these bands were incredible. So many crazy noises and sounds being incorporated into a single song… It was the most relaxing/chill show, and at the same time the most energetic and free-spirited. One band that sticks out in my head is Home Body: a guy/gal duo using synth and poetic vocals, creating a really energetic/dancey atmosphere. Epic.

Please also allow me to ask of all my readers and fellow-bloggers to give new music a chance. Nowadays, the only music you hear on the radio are the “Top 40” which only ever consists of hip-hop, rap, and RnB. Unless you’re actively involved in your own music scene, then you probably don’t know what’s going on in terms of local music. Some of the greatest musicians you’ll ever hear live, will never EVER get airtime on your favorite radio station. So please, get out and go to a local show – find some music that you don’t really like or understand (something weird) and give it a chance. Might open up some creative flow! Who knows?!

Until next time, internet!


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§ 5 Responses to The Experimental Rock Show.

  • sugarmouse says:

    new music is the BEST music ;D ROCK ON!

  • Thanks for coming out. we usually just get loud at “rock” shows, as opposed to our usual noisy, but this night had a good vibe and receptive crowd. the trouble with Friday night shows, though, is that, as the opening act, we have to get in to the mindset real quick in order to help the crowd shed their own day job funk and start enjoying their night. Keep your eyes on the 119 calendar – there is some seriously fun mind blowing sonics going on there.

    • Andee says:

      Oh, absolutely. I know you guys just played on Friday, I believe. I had a show of my own to play, but I wanted to come out and see you guys. I’m sure I’ll be able to catch you soon, I’ll have to hang at the 119 more often!

  • Flameheart says:

    Haha, yes. My lecturers are conspiring against me in the form of exams… Time-stealers I say;)

    Alternative music is the best! I can hardly listen to music on the radio these days, and it’s always so refreshing to hear something different. I’m kinda stuck in the past though, when it comes to music. I should explore more new stuff…

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